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Millennium Technology is an established LED Panel Light manufacturer as well as a global wholesaler of innovative and intriguing designs leveraging numerous years of knowledge and practice in the LED lights domain carrying an extensive portfolio of prestigious and reputed clients who take home their amazing products for enlightening their homes and offices. A group of specialist founded the company and had been contributing to offer some of the most inventive products over the web.

The company has been offering cutting edge solutions to all the customers across the globe. This creative company has been one of the top mounting companies in the country while it is aptly categorized into offering some of the finest solutions at rational pricing.

Get associated with us for high quality and reasonable price, for innovative products that stand out for a good reputation and added value.  Living in a developing business world, our aim is to focus superior-quality LED lights, several designs that would certainly offer an edge over the others.

Advantages of using LED Lights


LED is a point-like brilliant body, the designers designing an assortment of various shapes,different particles of the light source as per client requirement by the flexible blend of point, line and surface, the configuration is exceptionally adaptable.

LED lights use uniform light-radiating intelligent board and fixed configuration, combined with effective light guide plate, and aluminum compound material. Gleam is even and enlightenment is higher
LED lights are thin, finished warmth dissemination, low power, less warmth
LED life is up to 100,000 hours in principle. Check by 8 hours a day, the hypothetical existence of 12V LED lights is over 27 years. CPL light container hypothetical life is much over 100,000 hours.
LED lights can alter light shading as indicated by the diverse needs and environmental change, not just creates no glare and radiation, and can secure visual perception, light shading is more direct
LED lighting innovation is a green lighting innovation, the items don’t contain mercury, less waste, the assembling procedure just about doesn’t have contamination; the semiconductor lighting is recyclable, has critical capacity for reasonable financial and social improvement
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Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of LED Panel Light in India at whole sale Price

LED panel Light is an innovation that has redefined the way of enlightening any space. These are nothing less than an inventive and a smart move towards keeping glumness of the conventional lights at bay, while they also have been offering some of the most inspiring and revolutionary features in the form of Superior Quality LED Light that carry amazing fruition like the Millennium Technology.

These advanced and high-quality lightening systems use less power, energy and certainly help you save on the electricity bills, beautify and brighten any given space, irrespective of it being your home or office. Gone is the era, when this conventional bulbs use to heat up homes during the summer season. Adapt the latest innovation that looks amazing, is efficient and also comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. This is truly the best you can ask for!

Welcome to LED Light, your very own reliable and pioneering group of passionate believers, who think real hard in making a difference in your lives by offering some of the premium and most Superior Quality LED Light that indeed works on cutting edge and advanced technology and offer a host full of benefits.

Who Are We?

We are certainly the pioneers while being backed up and supported by a group of passionate and hard working individuals, trying to offer nothing less than perfection to our customers. Our hard work, focus, and goal-oriented strategies enable us to be termed as the leading LED Light Manufacturer around.

We have been a reliable and an innovative name in the domain of bringing down the Millennium Technology; reach the mass in the most contemporary form, while our clients swear by our advanced approach and after-sales solutions. Our team has been making a niche in the market, while playing as a prominent name for over three decades now.

You can get in touch with us for LED Panel Light in india at Whole Sale Price any time, only to be astounded and extremely happy with our amazing and innovative solutions that would enlighten and cheer up your life, at every step.

Why Choose Us?

Our company focuses on getting the best of the designs that are both thoughtful, beautiful as well as cost efficient to the market. We offer a professional approach towards enhancing the quality of LED lights to bring the most advanced technology and nothing less than perfection over to your walls. Our aim is to enliven and empower each and every Indian space with nothing less than perfection. So, think no further and connect to the leading LED Light Supplier in India to get closer to perfection, while saving most in your pockets, right now!

We aim at bringing innovation accessible to each person in the country, while the benefits are anyways capturing enough to be adapted, so whether you wish to beautiful your living space or create reflection, opt wisely the finest and the most contemporary way towards lights, today! We are also offering wide assortment of  LED Tube Light, LED High Bay Light and LED Flood Light in India.

Our Products

LED Lighting is the best source of lighting solution to illuminate your indoor spaces as they come with luminous efficiency. Available in three variants, our panel lights come with multiple options in sizes.

LED Flood Light is energy efficient and low energy consuming lights that are used to illuminate a dark area completely. These focus lights are built in with strong beam lights to generate more light making them suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Millennium technology, LED Street Lighting is  an eco – well disposed and high enlightening lights that will fit in the current apparatuses of your old glowing or CFL lights. These lights have been composed utilizing most recent technology, ideal for outdoor applications.

We offer an extensive variety of wall, desk and floor lights to satisfy everybody’s requirement. students can discover colouring, fun work area lights to suit their study room or room. In case you’re searching for more exquisite light plans, our ergonomic eye-getting work area lights will suit your taste.

Millennium technology, Rechargeable LED Lights can be revived, particularly of a battery that can be energized from mains power by means of a charger to utilizing when power are gone out.

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Lighting That Pays for Itself

Your business can move up to energy sparing LED lighting with no forthright expenses, reimbursing the establishment over different vitality bills. ‘On-bill funding’ financing is intended to be income positive, which means month to month energy funds are more noteworthy than the reimbursements. Converse with our experts about on-bill subsidizing or other financing arrangements.

In simple words it’s not expense it’s just an investment with life time return.
Mr. Ankit Savaliya
I haven’t seen any electronic item giving guarantee of more than a year wheras Led Light does. Unbelievable!
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Very good response from the team of Millinium and I must say they are ready to answer at any time. Saluted Guys!
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Excellent LED light, I have to say that I received the best customer service I ever have been experienced. Thanks to millennium for excellent service.
Mr yuvraj